The Journey Home

Writer’s Social

Humans are social by nature.  Ice Creams are social as well, that’s why they have so many parties.  So here’s our chance to be more social.

The Writer’s Social is a once-every-so-often evening for writers of all persuasions, professions, and talents to come together and mingle.  Maybe you’ll make some good connections.  Maybe you’ll get some help with a sticky technical problem.  Maybe you’ll get lucky (at bingo, what else?).

It’s all about us.  We’re more likely to solve our troubles if we work together but there’s no reason we can’t have a blast and meet new friends doing it.  After all, without people to inspire us and people to read our work, we wouldn’t have much purpose as writers.  So let’s get out there and meet some more people (before running back to our computers to write about it).

This is in start up phase for sure, but as we progress and more people become interested, we’ll probably shift the format to accommodate everyone’s needs.  In the beginning, I would like to host topical workshops alongside fun and games.  All Work and play keeps Jack from going nuts in that big scary house.

Our first meeting is, well, not set.  As I hear from people interested, I will update this page.


As of now, I can only organize groups in NYC, since that is where I live.  But if you wanna use this to organize a meeting in your town or area, let me know.




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