The Journey Home

Walking The World Over

Those who know me can surely attest to the lofty ideas and immeasurable fantasies that govern the better part of my life.  So when I created this blog, I had been mulling over one of them with a central thought as described below:

Walking the World Over is a 10-year project for one man to find his home. With no contacts, no plans, no guides, and very little money, I’ll step out from my tiny apartment in the USA and venture forth until I come across land that speaks to me. Along the way, I’ll make friends and document the countrysides in an attempt to broaden my understanding of the world and its peoples and ultimately to help broaden the lives of my readers as well.

In the end, I hope to help some people and find my home – the physical place where the soul feels anchor and support – although the reality might be there isn’t one. But there’s only one way to find out.

While this is still going to be the central theme, there’s a lot more travel-related writing that I want to do and post.  While I work on this goal (and the journey, which may well be the goal), I’ll be doing more work and using this as a center of command.


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