The Journey Home

Thoughts #1 – Transitions

Transitions are a celebrated birth and a ceremony of death.  There’s no escaping it; we as humans experience both feelings simultaneously like it or not and we all go through the transitions that spark them, again like it or not.

When deciding to follow the wanderlust’s call, or not to follow it, we’re going through a transition.  Anyone who experiences the pull of the lust and the effects it can cause on one’s life will surely understand.  We don’t usually choose when to feel the pressure to travel; it just finds us as waiting victims.  And when it does, it forces us into a transition that can be as joyous as it can painful.

Each time I’ve gotten the bug to move around, my life has changed drastically.  I never once chose for the changes to happen.

I’ve also made the decision to allow other forces in my life to take precedence over my travels – several times.  It constantly feels like I’m ripping a piece of my body off when I do, but I believe it’s for the right at the time.  But these are transitions all the same.  After an experience of such emotional and spiritual disruption, one never comes out the other side unaffected.  Sometimes the logistics of life remain the same, but the feelings rarely do.

When I was younger, I used to worry that I’d lost that feeling if I didn’t act on it immediately.  I still feel that way but am somehow assured now, after much time and many incidents, that my wanderlust isn’t going anywhere.  Phew.  Still, it feels a bit like dying when I have to push it down as it flares up.

That’s why I’m working now on making the permanent and chosen transition to, as I like to call it, ‘Go Nomad’ – meaning a life of constant movement.  It will be a transition like everything else; there will be facets of life that have to be mourned and creations that will be nurtured.  It will be happy and sad, but it will be.

Lucky (and unlucky) for me, I also believe we as humans can have anything and everything we want.  Sometimes it takes a bit of finagling but it’s always possible.  Nay Sayers be damned.  Bring it on, transitions.


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